Zach Kornfeld is a director, producer, digital creator, and performer best known for creating and co-starring in The Try Guys, a comedy quarter and popular YouTube channel. He gained prominence as an early Producing Partner at BuzzFeed, responsible for creating several of their most notable formats and flagship shows. Earlier this year he cofounded 2nd Try, a production company designed to bridge the gap between digital and tradition. In addition to The Try Guys, he created and starred in the unscripted web-comedies Single AF and Married For A Week. Over the past few years he's flown jetpacks for Amazon's The Tick, co-hosted the premiere of Suicide Squad for Twitter, and downed tequila shots on-camera with Puff Daddy. He's an advocate for people suffering from chronic pain and strives to make positive content through all his dumb jokes. 

Zach loves sandwiches.  If you know of any great secret sandwich places in LA, let him know on twitter or send him a photo of it on instagram.